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Bill in Wyoming Legislature to prevent roofing scams

Posted on March 9th, 2012 No Comments

A bill in the Wyoming legislature is currently attempting to strengthen laws in the area in order to prevent roofing scams.

After hailstorms struck the area last summer, a number of roofing scams came about. One popular scam that occurs after storms is when a fraudulent contractor approaches a homeowner in order to repair their roof and asks for money to purchase materials, but leaves town with the money before any work can be done.

The new law will put steps into place in order to prevent false roofing companies from taking advantage of residents. TheĀ  new law will require roofers to reveal if they are from out of state, require roofers to show their license or registration number and provide a detailed description of the damage and where it is located. The bill will also allow the resident to cancel the roofing contract within the first five business days that it is signed.

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