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Fire in apartment complex in NW Austin

Posted on November 10th, 2011 No Comments

On Saturday afternoon, a 2-alarm fire occurred in Hunter’s Chase Apartment complex at 12343 Hunters Chase Drive in NW Austin.

About 80 firemen responded and fought the flames that primarily engulfed Building 3.  According to AFD Battalion Chief Palmer Buck, it is unclear where the fire started, but the weather on Saturday made it easier for the fire to spread.  Buck stated, “We do have some gusty winds today, but with the drought, we have seen fire behavior exacerbated just for the simple fact that everything is so dry.”

All residents were left unharmed. Two of the eight apartments in Building 3 were destroyed, two had water damage, and the remaining four had light smoke and water damage.

If your home has been damaged in a house or apartment fire, it is important to fix the existing damage before it get worse.  Contact Austin emergency services roofing specialists of AAA Mustang Roofing by calling 512-650-9866 today.

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