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Safety of roofs being measured after recent hail storms

Posted on June 20th, 2011 No Comments

A team of roofing experts has arrived in the North Texas area after three hail storms occurred there in recent months. The teams went to the area in order to determine how the roofs on the home withstood the beating.

The team of researchers are from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety and the Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues. The seven teams are going to be climbing up nearly 150 roofs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in order to determine what types of the roofs held up better during the tough weather.

Areas that faced hail with more than 1.5 inchesĀ  in diameter were targeted by the teams. Texas Insurance officials have said that nearly $300 million in damage was done to homes, cars and jetliners during the May storm.

If you or a loved one live in an area prone to hail and thunderstorms, you need a rough that will be as durable as possible in these weather conditions. Contact the Austin residential roofing experts of AAA Mustang Roofing by calling 512-650-9866 and discussing your options.

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