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Radiant Barrier

With summer temperatures routinely in the triple digits in Austin and the rest of central Texas, many homeowners are interested in finding ways to make their homes cooler and more energy efficient. One way to do this is to install a radiant barrier on the roof. A radiant barrier is typically made from a reflective material accompanied by a layer of fabric. This barrier blocks the transfer of roughly 90 percent of all radiant heat into a home by reflecting the waves back into the air as opposed to letting them seep into a home.

If you want to take action to keep your home cooler, you need to speak with a roofing professional about the benefits of a radiant barrier. The Austin roofing professionals of AAA Mustang Roofing are here to answer your questions and make sure you get the best roof for your needs. Call us today at 512-650-9866 and learn more about your roofing options.

How do Radiant Barriers Work?

With a radiant barrier, not only will you increase your comfort inside your home, but you can also save money on utilities, as you will require less AC to keep your house cool. A radiant barrier reduces heat by:

  • Reflecting the majority of radiant heat that hits your roof back into the air
  • Emitting some of the radiant heat it forms on its own

If your attic or upper floors seem extremely hot in the summer, you may want to consider talking with a roofing professional about a radiant barrier.

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The Austin roofing professionals of AAA Mustang Roofing are dedicated to helping you get a great roof at a reasonable price. Call us today at 512-650-9866 and discuss your options.


I first became acquainted with Zane Nixon, owner of AAA Mustang Roofing, when our metal roof was severely damaged in a hailstorm. Our house is large and has over 30 separate roof surfaces, with an equivalent number of edges and valleys. Zane and his crew completed the work in less than two weeks, and it is flawless. They even repaired several areas that suffered structural damages.

Just recently a flash flood on the day following hurricane Hermine caused significant damage to the first story of the house. I called Zane and he was here within 30 minutes and stayed until midnight. Using squeegees, towels and a shop vacuum, we managed to save the rugs and furniture. However, the walls required substantial repairs. Zane worked closely with our insurance adjuster, and the wall repair work under his guidance as contractor is every bit as professional as his previous work.

I recommend AAA Mustang without reservation for any type of construction or remodeling job.

- Bert J.